The Ridgline Restaurant
The Ridgeline Restaurant
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If we wouldn’t serve it to our families, we won’t serve it to you!

At The Ridgeline Food & Spirits, we hold fast to the notion that quality food is worth it.  All of our menu items are cooked to order, our meats are hormone and antibiotic free, many of our ingredients are organic and we try to buy locally and seasonally as much as we can. Combine the great food with a thoughtfully selected beer and craft cocktail selection along with the iconic views of the Blue Ridge Mountains will ensure you have a memorable dining experience.

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More Information On The Quality Foods We Serve…..


Beef:  Steaks are USDA Prime Cut Rib-Eyes of Sterling Silver Grade.  Our Brisket is regionally sourced, all-natural, antibiotic and hormone-free, pasture raised beef.  The Ridgeline’s premium hamburgers are made of a mixture of brisket, premium ground beef and short rib, to create a phenomenal texture and taste.  


Chicken and Eggs: Our layer and meat chickens are raised cage-free, and are free of additional antibiotics and hormones.


Pork: Our pork products are all nitrate-free, pasture raised and free of added hormones or antibiotics.  This includes our bacon, sausage and our All-Natural Hot Dogs. 


Fish and Shrimp: We purchase our Salmon from facilities in Norway and Scotland that focus on sustainability and quality.  Both aquaculture facilities are accredited by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council and follow the strictest of rules with pride.  No colors or dyes are ever added to our fish.  Our Shrimp are bigger than your average shrimp and are wild-caught off the coast of Argentina.

Our globally applicable standards distinguish farms that care for the environment, their workers and the communities in which they operate.


The Aquaculture Stewardship Council is an independent, international non-profit organization that manages the world’s leading certification and labeling program for responsible aquaculture.


Bread: The breads that we serve sliced for sandwiches – for menu items such as the Globe Patty Melt, BLT and Fried Cheese – are made of organic sprouted grain flours.  Our other breads are either high quality purchased items or made-in-house. 


Vegetables: We don’t buy pre-cut relishes and onions; we dice vegetables in-house.  We try to source as many vegetables from local growers as possible.  This is easiest in the summer when we can get local tomatoes, squash, blackberries, peaches, watermelon, and greens from nearby farms; it can be more difficult outside of the growing season but we are up for the challenge!  For the Fall, we already plan to source and use more local broccoli, greens, winter squash, pumpkins and apples. 


Herbs: Fresh herbs are a mainstay of any good kitchen.  Dried herbs have their place - and we use them too - but for certain things fresh herbs are the only way to get the best flavor.  Our kitchen is regularly stocked with fresh tarragon, rosemary, parsley, thyme, cilantro, oregano and lavender.  We use fresh herbs in our sauces and marinades - bringing out a full flavor that can’t be found using only dried herbs and spice packets.  


Oils: Even our oils are high quality!  We purchase extra-virgin olive oil direct from Italy.  Rather than using a cheap soybean oil in our fryers – which will break down over high prolonged heat – we use a mixture of high quality canola and sunflower oil in our fryers.  High grade canola oil and sunflower oil is healthier for frying foods as it is made for high heat applications and doesn’t break down at high heat.


Cleaners: Cleaners don’t often figure into the discussion when it comes to good food, but kitchens need to be cleaned meticulously.  So the cleaners you use have a direct impact on every surface.  We use cleaners that get the job done, but are safe for humans and the environment.  This protects you from both, what the cleaner is supposed to get rid of, and the cleaner itself!


Packaging: We do not use styrofoam.  All of our to-go containers are made of biodegradable materials.  The High Country is a beautiful place and we are committed to doing our part to keep it beautiful!


We are a local, family-owned business.  We live here and eat here.  As a health conscious mother of two children, I care about what we serve.  At The Ridgeline you can feel confident about what you are eating, and we are happy to serve the best!



Fai & Rich have rescued this quintessential Blowing Rock location. Their menu has something for everyone...We'll be back! - 1Gingerbread, TripAdvisor

Delicious food and phenomenal service!! - Chasty Bailey, Facebook



We brought my dad to Ridgeline for his birthday today. The food was excellent! Compliments to the chef! We ate on the deck with a gorgeous view and chatted with others on the deck. It was truly a fantastic experience and one I'm sure is something my dad will remember! Kudos to the waitress as she was also great.
Thank you Ridgeline! - Mary Fyock, Google Business

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